PD Dip


Artichoke dip filled with lump crab and shrimp, served with sourdough toast

PD Wings

8 for $11.95
16 for $22.95
32 for $39.95

Smokey wings served either charred or fried and tossed in your choice of BBQ or buffalo sauce topped with green onion

Cuban Egg Rolls


Smoked pork, Virginia ham, pickles topped with our mustard blend and served with a side of dijon Swiss sauce

Brussels Sprouts


Fried brussel sprouts topped with smoked brisket, goat cheese, chipotle lime crema, Korean BBQ, and pickled onions

Brisket Fries


Sweet potato fries topped with smoked brisket, gouda sauce, tomato bacon jam, chipolte white BBQ, and green onions

PD's Fallin Nachos


Your choice of smoked pork, pulled chicken or chopped brisket piled high on tortilla chips with gouda sauce, pickled onions, and pico
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